Mini turn signals leds cafe racer the pair Alu

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Beautiful Mini LED direction indicators such aluminium shell

Beautiful Mini LED direction indicators such aluminium shell the pair   • Led orange • Flashing fully black anodized.  • Length 35mm, M8. 


- If your motorcycle is originally fitted with 10W or 21W bulb indicators, when you replace them with LED indicators, they will flash too quickly or not at all.
To compensate for this, it is enough to integrate resistors in the circuit in order to create a resistive load sufficient for the proper functioning of the flashing relay (see articles offered below)

- If your motorcycle is equipped with an original LED light, nothing is to be expected.

- For Triumph from 2016 a mode is provided for this purpose, no need for resistance, please follow the manipulation below:
1 / First of all, motorcycle on the stand with the key off.
2 / Hold the "i" button on the left comodo for a few seconds then switch on the ignition.
3 / When the dashboard lights up it will display type. Release the "i" button, then to change the mode by simply pressing the "i" button. Try all the modes until you find the one that suits you.
4 / To confirm the choice of mode, press the "i" button for a few seconds.