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1 Kit allows two collectors on Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler or Thruxton   Gives a real look Café Racer addition to the thermal benefits.   Comes with 4 steel strapsExhaust and header pipe high temperature tape, does not require wet fit. Highly durable and thermal shielding, the material is constructed from fibres extruded from pulverised lava rock. The wrap handles direct continuous heat over 700 degrees celsius, helpingreduce heat transfer from exhaust systems. This maintains hotter exhaust gases, decreases gas density and that allows the exhaust gas to flow out faster, ultimately giving you more horsepower.   1 - Wear safety glasses, gloves, a dust mask and long sleeved clothing. 2 - The wrap requires no wetting, however you may soak an unravelled roll of wrap in water. Soaking makes the wrap more pliable and reduces nuisance fibres. 3 - Wrapping headers and pipes requires patience. The tighter the wrap the better the hold and less chance of a loose or irregular fit. 4 - It is important to start on side closest to the engine, wrapping down the system towards the exhaust tip. 5 - Make an initial wrap around the pipe and secure with stainless steel cable tie (supplied), or hose clamp. 6 - After securing end, continue to wrap around pipe, sing 1/4" overlap with each pass and keeping tension on the wrap. 7 - Every 2 to 3 coils use your hands to tighten the weap. 8 - If your header pipes are so close together you cannot wrap them individually, wrap both pipes as one using the same 1/4" overlap. 9 - Secure all tail ends with stainless steel cable ties (supplied), or hose clamps. Important : Your exhaust wrap will smoke after installation, it will eventually stop. This is a normal by product of the curing process. Your exhaust wrap will not burst into flames.   It is not advised to wash your exhaust wrap after installation, however you may treat it with silicone spay to keep out unwanted debris.