Dart flyscreen for Triumph Bonneville (2001 onwards)

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The Triumph Bonneville and the Dart flyscreen are natural partners. No other windshield is so in keeping with the style of the bike - understandably, since both products take their influence from the same glorious period in motorcycling.

Apart from enhancing the appearance of your bike, there are practical benefits too. The screen is designed to relieve wind pressure from your chest, which reduces fatigue and makes highway speeds more comfortable. Unless you're a long distance tourer, it's probably all you need.

But don’t take our word for it – check out the reviews and testimonials and discover why so many Bonneville owners choose the Dart flyscreen!

Mounting hardware is aluminium, powder coated in black to complement the finish of your bike. Fits Bonneville, Bonneville SE and T100. Note: owners of the Steve McQueen T100 should order theScrambler screen.